Sunday, 1 June 2008

One-Issue Voters

One-Issue Voters
A response to: Denver Prelate Addresses Obama's Catholic Fans

I am a devote Roman Catholic and I do support Barak Obama for president.
Firstly, I do wish his view of abortion would change, but [President] George Bush is pro-life and exactly what has he accomplished in the past eight years on the issue?
Secondly, I am pro-life for all humans, born and unborn. The Republican party absolutely supports the death penalty with George Bush killing more prisoners on death row when he was governor of Texas than any governor in the history of the US. McCain is pro-death penalty as well.
Thirdly, what about all the unnecessary deaths in the Iraq war? How many innocent lives were lost because of this war? McCain wants to stay in indefinitely. How many more lives will be lost?
If you are going to be pro-life, than be it for everything. Though the Republicans claim to be pro-life, their record clearly states otherwise. I think it is dangerous to be a one-issue voter.
It is time for a regime change and Barak Obama is the right man for the times.
Patty Kuntz

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Anonymous said...

What the heck is anti-Catholic? Catholics have hijcked USA policy in East Europe, Rwanda, Timoor, Phillipines, Vietnam. They were responsible for slavery and bigotry (Roger Taney, John Wilkes Booth) and the socialist labor corruption (Tammany, Daley, Hitler, Hoffa, Meany). They never hesitated to spread their bigotry against democracy (Pio Nino said voting was immoral), Jews or Orthodox Christians. It is not racism to say this because Catholicism is a choice, not by birth.