Monday, 2 June 2008

You Already Have What You Need

Today's homily
June 2nd, 2008 by Msgr Dennis Clark, Ph.D. ·

2 Peter 1:2-7 / Mk 12:1-12

Life is a wonderful gift — no doubt about it! And most of us regularly thank the good Lord for giving us this gift which we could never earn or merit. But sometimes life can get very complicated and our calm confidence can get rattled or even shaken to the core.
It may be a crisis of certifiably major proportions, but more often it’s just a convergence of lots of little things, a scraped fender, a sick child, a checkbook that won’t balance, a water heater that burst at the worst possible moment. By themselves none of them is life threatening, to say the least. But when they come together, they can push us over the edge and leave us feeling not just weary but truly overwhelmed.

When those moments come, as they do to us all, we need to look past our feelings of inadequacy and desperation, and remember what St. Peter tells us in today’s epistle. The Lord has already bestowed upon us everything we need in order to face whatever challenges life serves up. The essence of the Lord’s gift is the Holy Spirit who dwells silently within the heart of every one of us.
The Spirit can give us both the wisdom and the strength we need to make the best of each day, no matter what that day brings. Trust the Holy Spirit within you, and you will live in peace, even when storms rage all around you. Trust the Spirit, follow the Spirit’s lead, and you will never lose your way.

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