Thursday, 29 January 2009

You Will Flourish In Ways You Never Dared to Hope!

Posted: 28 Jan 2009 01:00 AM CST(Catholic Exchanged)
Heb 10:11-18 / Mk 4:1-20

Going to class reunions can be a disconcerting experience. So often the persons whom we thought would be great successes turned out to be not much of anything in particular. The handsome football star has become a fat, bald couch potato. The homecoming queen is showing the effects of a lifetime of too many cocktails and too many facelifts. The class brain is trapped in a meaningless job he loathes. But on the other hand, that faceless pipsqueak that everybody ignored is now a millionaire. How did it all happen and why?

Jesus addresses part of that very big question in today’s gospel: Why do some folks grow up and prosper spiritually while others do not? Jesus’ answer is ‘roots.’ The rich inner life that all of us would like just doesn’t happen by accident. It is consciously constructed, and the building starts far beneath the surface, with roots and foundations.

But what exactly are the roots from which a prosperous life of the spirit must grow and draw strength? Nothing less than an unbreakable bonding with the Spirit who has dwelt within us from the first moment of our life. The Spirit is our life source, the inner spring from which flows both wisdom and courage. Detached from the Spirit, we have no hope of prospering, no hope of ever growing into our best selves, no hope of getting a real life.

Bond your heart and your life to the Spirit, experience the liveliness that only the Spirit can give, and watch your life expand and flourish as you never dared to hope.

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