Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Argentina Expels Lefebvrite Bishop

Prelate Already Removed as Group's Seminary Superior
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, FEB. 23, 2009 (Zenit.org).- The Argentinean government has given Lefebvrite British Bishop Richard Williamson, known for his statements denying the Holocaust, 10 days to leave the country.

Father Christian Bouchacourt, the Society of St. Pius X superior for South America, stated that Bishop Williamson already had a similar order from his superiors, after being removed as head of the Lefebvrite seminary in the country. Argentinean Minister of Interior Florencio Randazzo said that the prelate was instructed Thursday "to leave the country in 10 days time" and was advised of "a decree for his expulsion." The formal reason given by the authorities for revoking the prelate's residence permit is a discrepancy in Bishop Williamson's engagements in the country, since his permission was for an administrative function and he has been carrying out a religious one.

Bishop Williamson's work in Our Lady Coredemptress seminary, in La Reja, came to light when he became notorious after denying historical facts about the Jewish Holocaust on Swedish television.The ministry's communiqué noted: "For these reasons, added to the energetic condemnation of the Argentine government of such manifestations that profoundly attack Argentine society, the Jewish people and the whole of humanity, denying a proven historical truth, the national government has decided to make use of the faculties conferred on it by the law to instruct the Lefebvrite bishop to leave the country or be subject to expulsion." Father Bouchacourt confirmed that Bishop Williamson is preparing for his departure from the country, as the government has ordered.

The bishop, along with three other Society of St. Pius X prelates, had their 20-year excommunication lifted at the end of January, in the framework of Benedict XVI's continuing efforts to heal the schism between the society and the Church.


Oremust said...

What are the historical facts? Bishop Williamson did not deny that 300-400 thousand Jews perished in the hand of the Nazis based on solid evidence. Has the Church declared the 'Holocaust' as a dogma now? Perhaps this link can shed some truth: http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/the_holocaust.php (beware: sedevacantist website)

Avanus said...

Bishop Williamson is only a 'bishop' from the priestly Society of Saint Pius X, expressing his own opinion about the holocaust. His opinion is based on his research done in the 70's or 80's. What's all the uproar about? Why are the Jews mad at Williamson's statement? As far as I'm concerned, Williamson is still largely a 'nobody' in the eyes of the world but he has suddenly become a 'somebody'...all because he is a Lefebvrite??? What if his statement is true? And the Jews are mad at him for exposing the truth...something to reflect on.