Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Xt3 Offering Lenten Laughs

SYDNEY, Australia, FEB. 9, 2009 (Zenit.org).
- Think you'll need a laugh this Lent? The social networking site Xt3 is planning to offer some comedy relief as part of their Lenten program."Christ in the 3rd millennium," abbreviated Xt3, announced in a press statement today that it will launch its Lent calendar on Ash Wednesday, which falls this year on Feb. 25.

This calendar will include "daily readings, podcasts and music to give inspiration -- and some laughter -- during the 40 days of Lent." It will also broadcast Benedict XVI's handing over of the World Youth Day cross and icon in Rome on Palm Sunday.The report said that "new podcasts for Lent will include 'Does God have a sense of humor?' where comedians will give there take on this mystifying question." The site, similar to secular versions such as MySpace and Facebook, was launched at World Youth Day 2008 by the archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell.

It aims to answer the Pope's request to youth to "bring the witness of their faith to the digital world."In an unprecedented gesture, the Holy Father used the network to send a personal greeting to all the young people, assuring them that "your pilgrimage of faith fills the Church with life!"
Xt3.com currently has over 40,000 members from 200 countries.


Anonymous said...

Musim Lent merupakan peluang atau panggilan Tuhan untuk kita bertaubat dengan sungguh-sungguh daripada dosa. Dosa merupakan penghinaan kepada Tuhan Allah, adakah ia suatu yang melucukan? Kecenderungan manusia untuk berdosa adalah realiti dan begitu juga penghakiman dan hukuman kekal di Neraka merupakan realiti manusia yang tidak dapat dielakkan oleh sesiapapun.

dakunfrancis said...

'Does God have a sense of humor?'

Avanus said...

X means cancellation. They've cancelled Christ and replaced Him with the Christ of the 3rd millineum...a christ that suit the modern taste...Is Lent a time for comedies? What happen to mortification by fasting and penances? Does God have a sense of humour? Oh yes, lots of it...He'll only have to say...you go to heaven and you go to hell...