Friday, 6 March 2009

Real Praying Is Wanting What God Wants

Posted: 04 Mar 2009 11:00 PM PST
Est 12:14-16,23-25 / Mt 7:7-12
No matter who or where we are, we are sometimes tempted to look across the fence at our neighbors and wish we could trade lives. It’s not just that we’d like to be a little richer — or maybe a lot. There are all kinds of ways that other folks’ lives can seem so much more carefree and easy than our own.

But don’t be fooled! Troubles come in many shapes and sizes, some of them hidden deep and endured in silence. And no one, absolutely no one, is immune. So don’t waste any more time looking across the fence.
When a dark day comes, listen instead to what Jesus is telling us in today’s gospel. “Ask, and you shall receive. Seek, and you shall find. Knock, and it shall be opened to you.” God wants us to have what we need, and he’ll give it to us if we ask with trusting hearts. And what exactly are we supposed to be trusting? That God loves us even more than we love ourselves, and that he will give us what we need if our hearts are open to receive it.

Sometimes, of course, what we ask for is not what we need. In that case, our heart has to be so trusting that it’s ready and willing to be changed and redirected to see as God sees and to want what God knows is best for us. The prayer of an open, trusting heart is always answered.
Sometimes it takes quite a while to start seeing what God sees and wanting what God wants. Take the time, sooner rather than later. Your heart will thank you.

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