Friday, 13 March 2009

What Will You Tell Your Father When You Get Home?

Posted: 13 Mar 2009 12:00 AM PDT
Gen 37:3-4, 12-13, 17-28 / Mt 21:33-43,45-46
Gather any group of people at a party and then look around the room. It’s amazing the diversity of talent and skill that is collected in a single space — so much history, so much insight, so much possibility. There doesn’t have to be a single genius in the room to justify our saying that, just the ability to see what is truly there.

God has blessed each of us in ways that we’ve probably only partially seen or noticed. He has planted good seed of all sorts inside every one of us, and He’s given us wide spaces to roam in and broad fields to make choices in.
But there does come a time at which the bottom line has to be drawn and the question has to be asked: What is there for God to see as a return for what He’s invested in us? Where’s the harvest? What have we done with our gifts? What good story do we have to share with our dear Father when we get home?

Your story isn’t done yet, so think hard about what you want to tell the Lord face to face. You’ll know what you need to do next. Do it while there’s still time.

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