Thursday, 2 April 2009

Don’t Just Tell the Truth: Be True!

Posted: 01 Apr 2009 09:00 PM PDT (Catholic Exchanged)
Gn 17:3-9 / Jn 8:51-59
One of the saddest and most painful passages in all of American literature is found at the very end of Hawthorne’s novel, THE SCARLET LETTER. The Reverend Dimmesdale had lived a lie for many years, pretending to a life of virtue while leaving the woman he “loved” to reap the scorn of an adulteress in a Puritan community. When at last his end came, the final words from his agonized heart revealed what his sin had taught him, “Be true, be true, be true.”

That is the very advice that Jesus gave to us, not just by his words but by his deeds, by the very shape of his life. At almost any moment up until his last hours, Jesus could have saved his life and secured a long, comfortable life just by “fudging” the truth a little, going along to get along. He could have saved his life and gone home to his mother, found a wife and been a beautiful father. And he would have lost his soul. He knew that it sounded good, but that it was a bad bargain.

Just a few weeks ago, on Ash Wednesday, your forehead was marked with ashes in the sign of a cross. You were marked as a follower of Jesus. Remember that mark always and the commitment to a life of integrity that that mark speaks.
Living each day truthfully, not just telling the truth, but being true, is the only way of living that will grow into eternity!


Anonymous said...

But Father, what is the TRUTH? Please be honest with me. What is really the TRUTH? What's the point of talking about the TRUTH and yet we are 'confused' of what truth is? For example: Is it true that 'Outside the Church there is no salvation'? Is it true that non Catholics can be saved in their own man-made religion? Please tell me the TRUTH (if you have it)!

Aura Sacra Fames said...

Our convictions should be criticized, this way, reach the real fulfillment in faith.


dakunfrancis said...

Is it true that 'Outside the Church there is no salvation'? Is it true that non Catholics can be saved in their own man-made religion? Save or not, its all God's work. Before the Second vatican council we have problem with all these questions.'No salvation outside the Church, or outside Catholic no salvation'. But how about those people of goodwill, those who are 'holy' people of other religion. Some are holier than Christian so to speak? Are they all go to hell?
The dialogue on Ecumenical and interreligous will answer this question..'No salvation outside the Church, or outside Catholic no salvation'..The first vatican council say so..but now in the light of the Second vatican council we have open the window..We are not God who can judge like this anymore..It is our conviction that What is good and holy is from God. There are particles of truth in other religion too..

Anonymous said...

Thank you Fr for your courage and direct answer. I truly appreciate that. I am not commenting for the purpose of belittling anybody but for the love of the Truth.

It is unfortunate that Fr believes that man can be saved in their false religions.

I disagree that before Vat II the Church has a problem with the dogma. A dogma is a dogma. It has been defined and CANNOT be reversed. A dogma once officially declared by the Church, it is not opened for future discussion to change or redefine it. A dogma is a TRUE revelation from God. No authority on earth can change that, not even the Pope. No future pope can go against the past teaching of previous popes. This is a fact and TRUTH.

How do we define 'people of goodwill' and 'holy'? It is not true that man can go to heaven in his own will (mere human strength and intelligence). Man can only be saved through Jesus (no other way!). False religions rejects Jesus as God. Without FAITH it is impossible to be saved.

Ecumenical and Inter-religious dialogue is NOT infallible nor binding in anyway. It is not even a Catholic doctrine or a revelation from God. It is mere human opinion of the 21st century. When the last apostle St John died, there is no more new revelation. This is the TRUTH.

Why do we mean by 'holier' non-Christian than Christians? What is 'holy'? How do we define it? Holy in what sense?

In the light of Vat II? Is this a NEW revelation from God? Was Vat II authorized to speak of a new revealtion, a new doctrine/teaching or a new dogma? Was Vat II a doctrinal or pastoral council? Did Vat II make any new formal declaration just like Vat I?

The Church has a right to judge. Even a priest in a confessional has a right to judge in order to perform absolution. Even if I don't have the right to judge, but do I have a right to spread lies or false doctrine?

Truth + Truth = Truth
Truth + False = False
False + Truth = False
False + False = False

Particles of Truth is NOT truth at all. God is Truth. God is sinless. No particles of false (sins) can enter Heaven!

So Fr I hope you will change your belief and understanding of the dogma. Because Truth is at stake here. May God bless us both in search of the real Truth because we both love the Truth dearly for God is the Truth as Jesus said: I am the Truth.

Anonymous said...

Father, I strongly recommend this free downloadable booklet (Part 2) that explains the true Catholic teaching about Salvation.

In summary, there are three kinds of infidels or unbelievers:
1. Those who are guilty of the sin of infidelity
2. Those who are NOT guilty of the sin of infidelity but commit other mortal sins
3. Those who are not guilty of the sin of infidelity, and live up to the dictates of their conscience.

Type 1 and 2 surely will not be saved. To those belong to type 3, St Thomas says: “If anyone was brought up in the wilderness or
among brute beasts, and if he followed the law of nature to
desire what is good, and to avoid what is wicked, we should
certainly believe that God, by an inward inspiration, would reveal
to him what he should believe, or would send someone to preach
the Faith to him, as He sent Peter to Cornelius.”

Father, I hope this will helps.

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.