Saturday, 6 June 2009

God Is Sending Healing. Are You Receiving It?

Posted: 04 Jun 2009 09:00 PM PDT

Tobit 11:5-17 / Mk 12:35-37

In any circle of friends and acquaintances, there are always some who look so healthy, confident, and well put together in every way that we feel just a touch of envy, and then there are others whose lack of physical, mental, or spiritual health is so visible as to be heartrending. But the truth is that every one of us, even the most healthy in appearance, carry wounds of many sorts, wounds to the heart and the mind as well to the body.

Not one of us is exempt from the need for inner healing. Indeed, new wounds to the spirit, often self inflicted, appear every day. But where will the healing come from? From the good human beings with whom God has peopled our lives, often the ones we’d least expect.

We see that clearly in today’s Old Testament reading. It was not some old wise man who brought healing and renewal of heart to the blind and hurting Tobit. It was none other than his young son Tobiah.

Tobit could have scorned his son’s youth and the nasty remedy his son proposed, but he did not. Despite the turmoil of spirit that had afflicted him during his time of trial, he managed to keep his spirit open, he did as his son asked, and he regained his sight.

God’s sends his healing to us in many strange and unexpected forms. Sometimes we are the agent of healing, sometimes we are the healed. But in both cases, the key is a heart open to the Healer of All Hearts. May that openness be yours always!

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Anonymous said...

The only way to get true healing is for us to get the real TRUTH. Spread the TRUTH and many will have the opportunity to be healed. The healing of a sick soul comes first, because healthy soul produces healthy body.