Thursday, 16 July 2009

The Only Connection That Matters in the End

Posted: 14 Jul 2009 09:00 PM PDT

Ex 3:1-6, -12 / Mt 11:25-27

It’s something of a standing joke in our culture that some of the most learned professors and cleverest scientists are thoroughly incompetent at the most basic of tasks, like changing a tire or pumping their own gas. But the mismatch between general ability and the performance of ordinary tasks doesn’t stop there.

One of the most common and conspicuous instances of this is the inability of so many of us to hear into the heart of the matter. We get the words but miss the message. This was as true in Jesus’ day as in ours, and that’s why He notes in today’s gospel that God often finds children better listeners than the smartest of us adults.

Why is that? Sometimes it’s our ego or our own agenda that gets in the way and won’t let us hear. Sometimes it’s our tendency to intellectualize, namely, to put important things “out there” at a safe distance, instead of taking them into our hearts.

If that’s what we’re doing, we’ll never get to know the real Jesus, and our life’s journey is going to remain very lonely and very fearful. Don’t let that happen to you. Sweep away ego and your narrow agenda, don’t hide in your intellect. Let the Lord talk to you heart to heart. It’s the only connection that matters in the end!

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