Friday, 23 October 2009

Fifteen thousand Bibles detained

(Herald Malaysia Online) - More than 15,000 Bibles in Bahasa Indonesia have been detained by the government this past year.

On Sept 11, Gideons International consignment of 5,000 Indonesia Testaments (Vest) and 5,000 Indonesia/English Bilingual Testaments that Alpha Publisher sent from Jakarta to Kuching were detained by the Malaysian Home Affairs Ministry (Publication).

While in March this year, 5,100 Bibles in Bahasa Indonesia ordered by the Bible Society of Malaysia were also detained by the same ministry.

The reason given for the detention of the Scriptures was because they contain the banned words of Allah, Kaabah, Baitumal and Solat.

“The Borneo Evangelical Church (S.I.B) had written an appeal letter dated Sept 17 to the Home Affairs Ministry in Putrajaya for the release of this consignment. We are now waiting for the answer of the appeal,” said Low Boon Leong, National Field Officer of The Gideons International.

“Even now as the books are detained, we have to pay for the warehouse charges which cost a fair sum of money,” he added. “In the event that we are unsuccessful in this appeal, we will have to send this consignment back to Alpha Publisher in Jakarta,” Low explained.

Rev Wong from the Bible Society of Malaysia said that besides asking the people to pray, the society has written an appeal letter which will be hand delivered to the Prime Minister by representatives of the Christian Council of Malaysia (CCM) and the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM).

He added that there was a high demand for Bibles in Bahasa Indonesia and appealed to the ministry to release the Bibles as soon as possible.

The Christian Council of Malaysia is following up on their appeal to the Malaysian Government to release these Scriptures.


Anonymous said...

The Douay-Rheims is the most accurate, unchanged and traditional Roman Catholic Bible. It is also for Protestants.

Do not read the New American Bible because the book introductions and footnote commentary accompanying the New American Bible are problematic since they favor theories currently in vogue among some of today's Bible scholars which, in my opinion, conflict with the dogmatic teaching of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church regarding the authorship and historicity of the books of the Bible, particularly the Gospels.

Do not also read the NIV New International Version because some verses are entirely deleted!

Read only the Douay-Rheims Bible!

Haelius...Hailey...Hai Li... said...

please don't talk crap here bout Douay-Rheims's in English...and not all Malaysian, especially from Sabah n Sarawak as well as some Aborigines in Semenanjung understand that language...

but I think Indonesian Bible is good in presenting the word of God to us all...May God open the hearts of those authorities to authorise the usage of the name Allah in Christianity, and in our Bible...Amen!